Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Axapta Filename Extension Naming Conventions

Microsoft Dynamics AX uses several file name extensions for the files that are installed as part of Microsoft Axapta. You can use the following naming conventions to understand the function of these files:

The first letter represents the owner of the file.A: ApplicationK: Kernel

The second letter represents the contents of the file.L: LabelO: ObjectT: TextD: Developer DocumentationH: Online Help

The third letter represents the type of file.D: DataI: IndexC: CacheT: Temporary
For example, a file that has the .ald extension is the Application Label Data file.You can find the following program file types in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

In Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0, you can find these program file types in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\40\Application\Appl\Standard folder.

In Microsoft Dynamics AX 3.0, you can find these program file types in the %Systemdrive%\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Navision\Axapta Application\Standard folder.

Application Object Data file (Ax.aod)This file contains the Application Object Layer list that you use to change the layer on which you modify the application.

Application Online Help Data and Application Online Help Index files (Ax*.ahd and Ax*.ahi)These files contain the Help files. These files are arranged by language.

Application Developer Documentation Data and Application Developer Documentation Index files (Ax*.add and Ax*.adi)These files contain development Help files. These files are arranged by language.

Application Label Data and Application Label Index files (Ax*.ald and Ax*.ali)These files contain all label values. These values are arranged by language.

Application Label Temporary file (Ax*. alt)This file contains new labels. After Application Object Server (AOS) shuts down, the labels will be stored in .ald files.

Application Label Cache file (Ax*.alc)

Application Object Index file (Ax*. aoi)This file contains an index of all objects in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

User Database file (Ax*.udb)This file contains the list of users, the Component Object Model (COM), the AOS, the connections to Microsoft Dynamics AX, and the types of connections.Note This type is only available for Microsoft Dynamics AX 3.0.

Kernel Online Help Data and Kernel Online Help Index files (Ax*.khd and Ax*.khi)

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